Here are my costumes. I hand sewed and painted some of the costumes.

Updated 8/21/09


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Toushiro Hitsugaya From Bleach




Pink from Dragon Pink


Pink costume 8/21/09



Gojyo Guardiola pix 

Gojyo drawings

Gojyo costume




Gojyo Pix


Gojyo costume 9/21/09



Demeter pix 

Sept 2004 9/21/09

April 2008  9/21/09

October 2008

December 2005

Official unitard  9/21/09


Orphen Pix


Orphen costume  



 My Character Jellylorum 

December 2004 9/21/09





Sanzo Pix

Sanzo pix 

Sanzo costume 9/21/09



Saiyuki Pix

Costume pix 9/21/09

March 2008  



Ban from Getbackers

Ban costume 9/21/09



Kilala costume coming soon. This costume is based on my kitten Kilala